Great Christmas stories have a great sidekick beside a hero–Rudolph had his traveling companion, Hermey. The Grinch had his dog, Max. Bad Santa had his elf, Marcus.

The first Christmas had a sidekick named Mary who opted to let someone else be the hero. Songs would be sung about Him, but she would have the lower back pain. The star would shine over his cradle, but she would recover in the shadows. His name would be top billing, and she would be a supporting actress.

This year, rethink the way you Christmas and be the sidekick, not the hero. Let someone else tell the funny story about that Christmas in 2004. Listen to your neighbor’s holiday plans without interjecting yours. Tell your Aunt her fruitcake tastes delicious and ask for a second piece.

When you prepare for Christmas by being second, you’ll find a joy bigger than yourself on Christmas morning.

…You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus…
Luke 1:31

Rethink You

What does today’s reading tell you about people? (Yourself and others.)

Rethink God

What does today’s reading tell you about God?

Rethink Christmas

How do these ideas change the way you Christmas this year?