If a guest were coming to stay at your house, you might tidy up a bit. But if that guest were a king, you’d deep clean the house and spare no expense to give them the royal welcome they deserve.

The season of Christmas is usually festive and bright, but John the Baptist calls you to a different purpose for the season. He calls you to prepare for the arrival of your King.

This year, rethink the way you Christmas and clean.

Ask yourself– What most-distracts you from your daily relationship with God? What objects or activities clutter up your heart or mind? Then, get rid of it. Toss the trash and scrub the corners. Prepare your heart like you would prepare your home for royalty.

As the late A.W. Tozer pleads,

“Any preparation we will wish we had made, let us make it now. Anything we will wish we had done, let us do it today. Any give we will wish we had made, let us make it while time is on our side.”

When you prepare for Christmas by cleaning, you’ll let out a sigh instead of a gasp when Heaven’s Preeminence appears.

The voice of one who calls out in the wilderness, “Prepare the way of the LORD….
Isaiah 40:3 (NHEB)

Rethink You

What does today’s reading tell you about people? (Yourself and others.)

Rethink God

What does today’s reading tell you about God?

Rethink Christmas

How do these ideas change the way you Christmas this year?