The Christmas season brings its own unique fears. Small fears, like worrying about giving the wrong gift, or what your combative cousin might say at the Christmas party. And big fears, like if everyone in the family photo will still be healthy and here next Christmas.

But before the first Christmas, an angel tells a girl named Mary to be unafraid, not because her fears were invalid, but because she had found “favor with God”. Meaning that as big and as legitimate as her fears may be, God–who is infinitely bigger and stronger than the worst of fears–is on her side. Ergo, fear not.

This year, rethink the way you Christmas and fear not.

Whenever fear or anxiety comes barging in, turn your attention to the God who favors you. His reign extends for an eternity before and after the thing you fear. Fear not.

When you prepare for Christmas by being unafraid, fear won’t steal your attention from the Glory of Bethlehem.

…the angel said to her, “Do not be afraid, Mary; you have found favor with God.
Luke 1:30

Rethink You

What does today’s reading tell you about people? (Yourself and others.)

Rethink God

What does today’s reading tell you about God?

Rethink Christmas

How do these ideas change the way you Christmas this year?